Jet Lag Relief

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The Goal:

Come Down From The Clouds

Since the Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903 people have had their eyes on the sky. But jetting off for a weekend vacation or traveling cross-country for business can leave you feeling out-of-sync. Jet Lag, one of the most common sleep disorders, is caused when travel to different time zones throws off our circadian rhythms (the body’s natural 24-hour cycle).

Symptoms of Jet Lag:

• Difficulty sleeping at your normal “bed time”
• Trouble waking up in the morning
• Exhaustion
• Poor sleep quality
• Decreases cognitive function, such as trouble concentrating
• Increased stress

If you plan to travel, plan to visit RevIVe Buffalo for our Sky Hi V cocktail before or after to help your body adjust!

The Cost:


The Benefits:

Combat jet lag and the other ill effects of travel with Sky Hi V! Pre or post hydrate your body to adjust to your time in the sky.

The Ingredients:

B12, Vitamin D, B Complex, Tri-Amino Acids, and Zinc. Learn more about our ingredients.

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