Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

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The Goal:

Relieve Symptoms of Chronic Conditions

Named for the late John Myers, M.D., Myers’ Cocktail combines several essential vitamins and minerals to enhance our immune system and kickstart our cells for a quick energy boost!

Let the Myers’ Cocktail:

• Reduce fatigue
• Help with seasonal allergies
• Treat signs and symptoms of:
–– Asthma
–– Fibromyalgia
–– URIs
–– Sinus infections
–– Migraines
–– Acute muscles spasms
–– Chronic depression/anxiety

Feeling fatigued? Suffering from sinus pressure or a runny nose? Just plain achey? Then Bflo Hydration’s Myers’ Cocktail is perfect for you!

The Cost:


The Benefits:

Marylands’ Dr. John Myers knew what he was doing when he started administering IV nutrients to treat a variety of chronic diseases. His signature Myer’s cocktail can help reduce signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia, asthma, migraines, dehydration and low energy levels. Many people with digestive issues don’t absorb the nutrients they need to keep them in good health. IV therapy allows us to bypass the digestive system and get those valuable nutrients into your system immediately. You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to come back every month!

The Ingredients:

Vitamin C, Calcium, B Complex, and Magnesium. Learn more about our ingredients.

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