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The Goal:

Party Too Hard? Find Relief!

When a night on the town leads to a painful morning, rehydrate, replenish, and rejuvenate with Bflo Hydration’s Hangover Relief IV: The Hat Trick Plus! A “hangover” refers to the symptoms that occur after excessive drinking:

• Fatigue / Weakness
• Thirst
• Headache / Muscle Aches
• Nausea
• Stomach Pain
• Vertigo
• Sensitivity to light and sound
• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Sweating
• Increased blood pressure

But intoxication alone doesn’t cause a hangover. Alcohol often disrupts sleep, causing us to wake earlier, creating fatigue. Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach and increases inflammation throughout the body, leading to nausea and stomach pain. Alcohol increases urination and loss of fluids, leading to dehydration. And that buzz you get that makes you feel calm and relaxed? Your brain naturally attempts to balance out those positive side effects so as the buzz wears off, you can feel even more anxious or irritable than before you started dinking.

Hangovers also decrease cognitive function, so not only are they painful, they’re potentially dangerous.

The Cost:


The Benefits:

Our signature hangover remedy. Come in pre or post party to hydrate, and replace essential vitamins and nutrients. We’ll make the pain, the headache, the nausea, the shakes, the aches, the fatigue and the dizzy spells all disappear!

The Ingredients:

Zofran, Pepcid, B Complex, and Thiamine. Learn more about our ingredients.

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