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A Trend No One Wanted

Because 2020 isn’t complicated enough, now we have to worry about the newest beauty threat: maskne.

Yeah, you heard us. Maskne.

It’s a trendy new term we never thought we’d have to use. And yet the very safety measures meant to improve our health and help protect us from COVID-19 are having an adverse effect on our skin, creating inflammation and acne in areas where our mask and skin come in contact.

Beauty regimens come a dime a dozen with varying degrees of success. Rather than spend endless dollars on acne treatment products that may or may not help, try these simple tips first to reduce your risk of a breakout.

5 Great Tips To Combat Maskne

1. Choose a mask made of natural fibers. Whenever possible, wear a 100% cotton mask. Cotton is breathable, hypoallergenic, and free of chemicals. Cotton is also the most recommended fiber for masks because it is more effective at filtering out particles.
2. Avoid wearing makeup under your mask. Concealer might be a girl’s best friend but you don’t need it on areas you’ll cover with a mask. All you’ll succeed in doing is dirtying the interior of your mask as it rubs off and clogging your pores.
3. Wash your face daily. Wash your face in both the AM and PM to unclog pores and get healthy, glowing skin.
4. Wash your mask after every use. If you wear your mask for 20 seconds to pump gas, you can skip a wash. Otherwise, use a gentle foaming soap or detergent and wash your mask daily. Not only will it keep you healthier by removing airborne pollutants and contaminants, it’ll wash out any oil, dirt, sweat, or makeup absorbed by your mask.
5. Treat your skin at the source with IV Therapy from Bflo Hydration. Our Cheeri-O and Beauty Bag IVs contain high doses of antioxidants and Vitamin C to help you detox, rejuvenate, and regenerate healthy skin cells. Plus, these IVs will you give your immune system a boost!