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Jordan Sutkowski, RN

My name is Jordan Lea Sutkowski. I have been a licensed Registered Nurse for 4 years now, working on a medical surgical cardiac floor at ECMC Hospital. I have gained much experience and love what I do! When I heard about RevIVe and did some of my own research, it with such pleasure and joy to be a part of this outstanding team. The benefits of IV hydration and vitamin therapy are proven and many, so I’m very excited to inform and pass along this medical knowledge with all of our patients! Looking forward to seeing all of your faces at RevIVe!

Alivia Guthrie, RN

Hi everyone, I’m Alivia and I work as a critical care RN at Buffalo General Hospital. I received my Nursing degree at Niagara University. Nursing allows me to challenge myself everyday and that’s one of the reasons why I love it! On my days off I enjoy hiking in the Summer and snowboarding in the Winter. I’m so excited to join the RevIVe Buffalo team!

Danielle Johnson, RN

I’m Danielle and I am currently working as a RN at ECMC in the Emergency Department. My passion has always been health and wellness, and helping individuals obtain that in every way possible. One thing I love about Nursing is my strength in providing my patients with the best care I can give. In my free time, you’ll see me at the gym or outside enjoying the sunshine. I am currently also studying to obtain my Nurse Practitioner license. It has been my dream for many years to be a part of an IV vitamin and hydration team and RevIVe has made that dream a reality! I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome, one of a kind healthy living opportunity!

Jennifer Chaplin, RN

Hi all, I’m Jenny! I currently work as an emergency department Nurse with 4 years of Nursing experience. I first found out about RevIVe when I was sick with the stomach flu. I left their office without symptoms and feeling great after one of the IV cocktails! Fast forward a couple months and I’m employed here and loving it! I love working for this company and making people feel great. When I’m not at the hospital or in the office, you can find me on the slopes. Snowboarding is my favorite hobby. When there isn’t snow, I love to travel. Hope to see you in the office soon!

Samantha James, RN

My name is Samm and I work as a full-time MedSurg RN at ECMC. I’m originally from New England and came to NY State to study nursing. One of my favorite things about nursing is my ability to constantly teach, learn and share my unique skills which in turn allows me to help others feel better. When I’m not working at the hospital or in the RevIVe office, you can catch me out on a patio with my friends or doing an activity by the waterfront.

Jamie, RN

Hey there! I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years and currently work in an Intensive Care Unit with IV’s as a specialty. I’ve always had a passion for health care and healthy living, so what better way to feel better and hydrate your body with the vitamins it needs.
Be the best version of yourself at RevIVe.

Michelle, RN

I have been a Nurse for 13 years. Working at RevIVe allows me the opportunity to enhance my clinical skills and start IV’s on clients. I enjoy helping with Administrative duties that help RevIVe to flourish. Come get ‘hooked up’ with us!

Meghan, RN

Hi everyone, I’m Meghan, but you can call me Fonzy! I currently work as a full-time RN at ECMC on a Transplant/MedSurg/Bariatric floor.

RevIVe Buffalo was intriguing to me because of the variety of IV vitamin therapy that is offered and what continues to amaze me is the results I see from our clients. At RevIVe I get to do what I love in a very welcoming and comfortable environment. When I’m not at work, I LOVE Crossfit @crossfitbuffalo, and I’m a retired hockey player! Hope to ‘hook you up’ soon!

Jessica Traina, RN

Hi I’m Jess! I’m a full-time RN at BGMC, animal lover, and soon to be wife! The best part about Nursing is being able to expand your clinical skills outside of a hospital which is where Revive comes in! Promoting a healthy lifestyle of supplement intake without having to wait for results. IV therapy is your immediate result. Come see for yourself and let me hook you up!

Carie Kress

I have been a registered nurse for almost 18 years. Most recently, I run a biologic infusion center for a Rheumatologist in addition to working with RevIVe. What drew me to want to be a part of RevIVe’s team is the idea of optimizing one’s health. When IV vitamins are infused, your body gets 100%! When you take vitamins orally, the bioavailability can be significantly decreased. I am a new member of A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). I am currently taking an IV/Chelation course and will attend the A4M spring conference in May. I will continue my study of the most advanced therapies and protocols. I practice Power Yoga often. I also started Yin & Kundalini recently. I believe health is wealth and I love sharing what I learn with others!