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RevIVal Shots (Injections)

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B12  $20

• Increase natural energy levels

• Aides in production of red blood cells

• Helps regulate sleep mood and appetite cycles

• Boosts immunity



• Reduces fatigue

• Boosts cognitive performance

• Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety



• Powerful antioxidant

• Anti-aging properties


MIC-B  (The “skinny shot”) $30

*Unavailable inside an IV cocktail

• Detox

• Weight loss

• Regulates mood



• Reduce inflammation

• Reduce pain



• Muscle recovery

• Athletic performance

• Lean body mass

• Cardiovascular function



• Cardiovascular, metabolic, neurologic health

• Promotes glucose control

• The longevity nutrient


CALM $35

* Unavailable inside an IV cocktail

• Decreases anxiety, fear & stress

• Promotes sleep & relaxation



• Reduces insulin resistance, improves blood sugar levels

• Reduces inflammation

• Slows skin aging

• Helps lower symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

• Can help to slow memory loss


RevIVal Cocktails (Infusions)


Straight up saline for a quick rehydration. You can “drink it up” solo or add-on something from our individual injection menu to give you a little extra kick!



When your body is properly hydrated, you have a much better chance of fighting off infection and disease. Germs are knocking on everyone’s door but you don’t have to let them in! With our immunity infusion, you’ll leave knowing you’re better protected against virus, bacteria, and all those germs the world has to offer.



Marylands’ Dr. John Myers knew what he was doing when he started administering IV nutrients to treat a variety of chronic diseases. His signature Myer’s cocktail can help reduce signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia, asthma, migraines, dehydration and low energy levels. Many people with digestive issues don’t absorb the nutrients they need to keep them in good health. IV therapy allows us to bypass the digestive system and get those valuable nutrients into your system immediately. You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to come back every month!



Our signature hangover remedy. Come in pre or post party to hydrate, and replace essential vitamins and nutrients. We’ll make the pain, the headache, the nausea, the shakes, the aches, the fatigue and the dizzy spells all disappear!



Preparing for a big race? Lifting heavy weights? Let us come up with a plan for you to “pre”pare and “re”pair those muscles!


SKY HI V – $110

Combat jet lag and the other ill effects of travel with Sky Hi V! Pre or post hydrate your body to adjust to your time in the sky.


LET IT GO – $150

When your body is stressed to the max, your adrenal glands can’t do their job by making cortisol, which is what helps us deal with stress, anxiety & depression. This cocktail will help you eliminate anxiety, agitation and excessive worry. It also benefits by decreasing adrenal fatigue and increasing memory, mental focus and clarity.


Feeling the winter blues? We hear ya! Life in Buffalo means you see white for a good half a year. We’ll throw in a great blend of multivitamins, and an extra boost of Vitamin D. It’s like sunshine in a bag! Give Seasonal Affective Disorder a kick to the curb.



Help combat chronic headaches and migraines with our proprietary cocktail. Our special blend will get rid of the throbbing/radiating headache, the vision disturbances, the nausea, and the sensitivity to light & sound.


If you live in Buffalo, or are just visiting for the weekend, you know it’s chilly out there about half the year! Staying properly hydrated is important for maintaining good health, especially during the colder months. Kick cold and flu season in the butt with our ReactIVate cocktail.



An all natural therapy that will increase male muscle mass and sex drive. A blend of minerals and vitamins which includes zinc, folic acid and tri-aminos.


CHEERI-O – $125

Feel great with RevIVe’s version of the Myer’s Cocktail. You’ll leave feeling ready to take on the day! Includes a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This has proven to be one of our most popular cocktails and has our clients returning regularly with visible results!



Glutathione is the “mother of all antioxidants”. Research shows evidence that increased levels of Glutathione in the system is linked to longevity. On top of being a major detox, glutathione brightens skin, strengthens immunity and T-cell function, and protects from environmental toxins. Athletes love glutathione because it increases endurance & strength, lowers recovery time and kicks your metabolism into high gear.


THE YOUNGMANN (High Dose Vitamin C) – $200

Vitamin C is essential to life. We can’t live without it, and yet our bodies can’t make it. Here are just some of the benefits: adrenal gland support, maintain energy levels, skin improvement & protection, tendon and bone strengthening, immune system boost, and fight chemo/radiation side effect. High doses of Vitamin C can also decrease heart attack risk, and combat the effects of smoking.

VitaMINI C  – $150

All the benefits of our Youngmann cocktail at a lesser cost.


Pricing and Special Discounts

*All prices are subject to change

Cannot combine discounts

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“Friends with Benefits” discounts 
*These discounts are not valid during events or home parties
# of friends               They Get            You get
Bring 1 friend              10%off                10% off
Bring 2 friends            10%off                20% off
Bring 3 or more          10% off                30% off
When you book your next appointment, (and we know you’ll want to!) consider taking advantage of our buy more, save more deal. Schedule and keep 4 appointments, and your 4th is half price. We’ll even take the 50% off the priciest cocktail. Who doesn’t love a deal?!